Our Discord bot is recognized as the leading choice for Blox Fruits community and multi-functional needs alike.

Being used in over 12,000 servers and serving a large community of 2.5 million users, our bot offers a lot of essential features.

From providing Blox Fruits Values and Stock updates to facilitating Music, Giveaways, Moderation, Greetings, and more, it's a must-have for Discord communities everywhere.

Blox Fruits Values

Our discord bot has values for every fruit and gamepass from the Blox Fruits game.
We also have a website version for the values.

Blox Fruits Values

Blox Fruits Stocks

Our discord bot has stocks for both type of stocks normal and mirage.
We also have a website version for the stocks.

Blox Fruits Stocks

Blox Fruits Trade Calculator

Our discord bot has a system to calculate your trade value and tell you if its a win or a lose.
We will also have a website version for win or lose system.

Blox Fruits Win Or Lose

Customizable Giveaways

Our discord bot has a nice customizable giveaways system which allows you to create giveaways for you discord members.

Customizable Giveaways

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